There's a guy who's a forum owner we all know
He posted in TableTalk a long time ago
He's mad in love with the Princess of Poop
And this cat's game is Allo-Oop

His computer is a broken-down dinosaur He can drown you in Kauderwelsch 'til a quarter to four He's got a klunky keyboard and a mouse full of grunge And he soaks up Wikipedia like a dried out sponge
He's the Nebbish host from West Berlin Wallowing in Nietzsche and all kind of sin He's the Sun King of the Gibberish Show Look at that forum host go!
He rides through the forum pasting junk from web Flooding the joint with crap we all dread Martin Zook don't bug him cause he knows better He drives a mean motorscooter, he's a bad go-getter
Aw there goes J├╝rgen — muhahaha look at him post He sure is a hoot, yeah ain't he the most? Like he's all the way up in Berlin-Town Nobody ever puts Allo-Oop down
Clacking on his broken-down dinosaur Spamming the forum 'til a quarter to four Mess with him, Kitty, and he'll flip you a snerk Cuz everyone knows we all love a jerk
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