Emotional Semantics and Emotional Semiotics

Prologue and Mockingbird Overture

Bildungsroman in the Age of Character Assassination

From The Ring of the Neener Bomb

Barsoom Tork reaches for his bible, Anguish in Taunt and Reaction, by Essenem Hayacaca. Barsoom opens his biblical tome, which presents the latest theological insights into the emerging field of Emotional Semantics and Emotional Semiotics. Barsoom turns to one of the bookmarked hymns toward the back of the book.

Montana Mouse, decked out in his trademark porkpie hat and red neckerchief, accompanies Barsoom on the banjo...


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Hush, Wikipediots, don't say a word,
Barsoom's gonna show you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird don't sing,
Barsoom's gonna turn to a poetry fling.

And if that poetry turns out crass
Barsoom's gonna hold up a looking glass.
And if that looking glass gets smote,
Barsoom's gonna bring in a flying goat.

And if that flying goat can't act,
Barsoom's gonna read you a scholarly tract.
And if that scholarly tract don't work,
Barsoom's gonna look like a stupid jerque.

And if that stupid jerque's a bore
Barsoom's gonna gin up a blogger war.
And if that anguish makes you frown,
You'll still be the cutest cabal in town.

So hush, Wikipediots, don't you cry
Barsoom's gonna fix us some nice stir phry.

CopyClef 2001-2008 by Yugo Gurl and Essenem Hayacaca.
Adapted and Performed by Barsoom Tork and Montana Mouse.
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